Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Flush Toilet

I pooped in my house this morning! Something virtually all of y'all ('cept you homesteaders in Spain, some people in the Gravel Pit, and folks across the street) do every day! Or every other day or a few times a day...whatever. Alix kept telling me that it would be REALLY WEIRD to poop inside my house and I have to agree it kinda is. After living in dirt and construction chaos for years, slowly carving and scupting and then finishing methodically with love and cleaning, cleaning always cleaning neart the end...then you defecate in this perfect white, porcelain bowl full of CLEAN WATER (gray water not hooked up yet)'s just very odd. And reminds me just how many aspects of "modern living" we don't understand, take for granted, never question and just make no cars, automated customer service phone hell, puggles...

So I've spared you a photo of the toilet "in use" and subsituted shots of the bathroom and my desk at night. Basically the whole experience feels like I'm living in someone else's house. House is very Spartan right now as I do not really own furniture and is still being worked on... Is beautiful tho'! An awesome space to MAKE STUFF!

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