Monday, May 15, 2006

Bedroom FINISHED!!!

Soooo...the master bedroom is now the first official finished room in the house. On Saturday, Claire, myself and Ron did the work of six people and finish mudded the upper half of the bedroom wall, then peeled back all the protective layers and revealed the bamboo floor. As you can see, the bottom half of the bathroom wall still needs finish plaster and I do not have an furniture really, just a foam mat on the floor. The mud will dry evenly and all the same light color. The 8 throughout-the-house speakers are hooked up in the ceiling and all morning I rocked the strangest group of tunes: Kraftwerk, Joni Mitchell, Tribe Called Quest and Metallica! Had crumpets and ground my own coffee fresh this morning for breakfast (cream from fridge, honey, the works, civilized amost). Next up: countertop for kitchen to pick up and install...more on bathroom... So am still at least a month away from being done but am now sleeping in the new bedroom which is huge. No more climbing the ladder to the loft!

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