Friday, February 05, 2010

Earthship Visit: Vista Grande High School

We got a chance to give the new Earthship Education Facility a little trial run this morning as part of a 3 hour scheduled tour for Vista Grande High School, a local Taos charter school.  I set up a temporary screen (read white sheet) in what will be the screening room of the new Earthship Education Facility and showed some slides.  Sean and Hillary took the 60 kids through the vintange Visitor Center, around the EVE project, through the Studio rental, a one bedroom Global Earthship, the Corner Cottage Earthship, the Euro Earthship and the Phoenix.  The kids got to experience passive solar/thermal mass in action because it was a frigid winter morning and the buildings were toasty warm inside.  They took pictures and notes and learned about our solar and water systems.  They were impressed with the food growing in our interior planters.  I will let you know when we get feedback from the group.  A big tour for a big group!