Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Mud Plaster

Three walls in the house now have finish mud plaster on them. Many more to go...Claire and I, with the help of a few interns, mudded the lower half of the bedroom wall, down to the bamboo floor on Friday. Friday was crazy, 11 people working on the house plus a TV crew, kitchen cabinet delivery and pizza and beer after work. We hung a work light in the bathroom and were treated to the effect of the glowing bottles on either side of the bathroom wall! Saturday Claire and I mudded the west side of the French door wall and Sunday we mudded the other side while Nicole did the very last bit of plaster and bottle grooming to set up the bathroom for finish plaster...whew! We were exhausted by the end of the weekend, then it snowed again! The bathroom floor is poured and Mom was nice enough to express mail me color samples for the inside of the tub I am ordering. Still am out $730 for the tub that never showed up that I ordered in OCTOBER! Much more to be done...

Friday, March 10, 2006

1200 Bottle Brick Bathroom

From a couple weeks ago...floor is now poured and covered with solid bamboo blonde wood....

Earthship Displays/Photos

Earthship photo displays printed for conference. Photos by Kirst. Designed in Taos on solar powered computers, files posted on line via solar powered WIFI, downloaded and printed in London...

EcoBuild London February 2006

Kirsten, Daren, Kevin and Jen at the Earthship Biotecture Europe booth in Earl's Court, London.