Friday, March 10, 2006

Earthship Displays/Photos

Earthship photo displays printed for conference. Photos by Kirst. Designed in Taos on solar powered computers, files posted on line via solar powered WIFI, downloaded and printed in London...


alina_m said...

Hi Kirst!!Amazing endeavour u have undertaken!!I suppose it was featured in the Travel and Living Channel.I was greatly impressed.Its also a wonder how u grow such healthy plants inside ur home!!How can they do so well without direct sunlight?It would be nice of u,if u share them with us.

akohler said...

I really love your photos and admire what you are doing. I, too, dream of building an Earthship city and am beginning research on a book about building Earthship apartment buildings. I'd love it if you would email me, so I could ask you some questions about your experiences.
Aijalyn Kohler