Friday, April 13, 2007

French Earthship First Week

Ron and I arrived in Normandy this past Monday (April 9th). Tuesday morning we went with our host Kevan Trott to a local tire dump which received 30,000 scrap tires a week! It took us two days of sweaty stinky labor to collect the 700 tires we needed for the house!


lisa and oscar said...

Hi Kirst
Looks like you guys are doing a HEAP of work up there - great stuff.
We've dug out the planter hole and will put in the bathroom foundations soon...are you guys coming down or was that rather prolonged silence a no can do?


Mark P (Canada) said...

Looks great, how would a guy in northern Canada go about building one of these? Where would I start?

Kastina said...

You're amazing. I'm glad you exist in the world of 'being green' and 'design'.

brian2penguins said...

hi folks,congrats on the earthship.i live st hilaire du harcouet and have planning permission to build my workshop out of used tyres, but i am having proplems getting tyres(free) as the local garages tell me they have a contract with sirec any ideas or other local places i can try.many thanks in advance brian2penguins

A said...

Hi Kirst!

I'm a student doing some research on Earthships. I have a couple of questions for you guys. Would you please share your email?