Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Brighton Earthship Completed

The Brighton Earthship is now complete. A big thanks to the volunteers who helped! Especially Big Ben who was with us every day of the five week push. Hard working, easy-going, we had to beat him to get him to STOP working at the end of the day. The Open Day was a success. We hung the displays that I spent the last week putting together. I also designed a one page front and back self-guided tour handout which had information about Earthships, a floor plan of the building with all the points of interest numbered, then labeled the building to match. Printed up a couple hundred of these so that folks can get a grasp on systems and building materials. Later in the evening we screened Oliver Hodge's documentary about Michael Reynolds and his fight to make sustainable housing more available to the masses. It's a fantastic flick and will be released in February. There is a three minute trailer available on Am back in Taos and will be posting photos of the finish coat on the outside of my house soon as well as more stories from out UK adventures!


pill said...

WoW Kirsten this is beeeaaauuuutiful!

Rick said...

Wow, awsome passion.