Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Finish Plaster

Structolite, structolite, sooo OVER structolite. Claire and I finished plastered the bottom half of the bathroom wall and the rest of the planter wall a couple weekends ago. Am preparing to put plants in the gray water planter. Banana, rose, hibiscus, grape, jade, assorted cactus and a bunch of begonias. Need to get more starts. Have been working on exterior plaster as well. VERY HOT lately and I have to take a break after each load and put a frozen washcloth on my neck, eat shrimp cockail or have an iced coffee...hey, not too miserable...far cry from the days of warmish beer and tuna helper!!


Steve Bremner said...

Hi Kirsten,

Enjoyed meeting you yesterday. Thank you for sharing your "home in progress" and your hard earned insights and experiences. It looks great! Very unique. What an adventure!

Here's a link to a friend of mine's nearly completed earthship near Canon City, Colorado and some shots of land I own near Westcliffe, Colorado where I intend to embark on my own adventure:

This is the "tree house" I now live in in Manitou Springs, Colorado:


Killaloe Earthship said...

Hi can you come and work on this ship?

you do great work

Love and Light